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Housing Authority (TNHA)

Emergency Housing Requests:
Comments from the CEO/Executive Director

Subject: Requests for Emergency Housing

It is never an easy thing to say no, especially to those with a clear need for service. I do understand that most requests for safe, clean, appropriately sized, housing are legitimate. Unfortunately, TNHA is not in a position to immediately assist you, though I would encourage you to complete the application process if you have not. If qualified, you will be placed on the TNHA waitlist, which is rank ordered by date of application.

With very few exceptions, TNHA selects qualified applicants from our waitlists. The TNHA Board of Commissioners has authorized only two, very specific, exceptions to policy for individuals and families. Specifically, that temporary or longer-term housing may be provided on an emergency basis only in the case of complete destruction of the primary residence by fire or as a consequence of a federally declared disaster.

This policy was established by the Board of Commissioners to ensure that all applicants are treated fairly and consistently. We have many applicants who have patiently waited several years for placement, and to alter this policy would simply be unfair to them.

The Board has revisited this policy several times over the last few years, and has concluded that a clear, concise, firmly established rule is preferable to, and much more fair than, rules that are subjective and that could easily lead to wildly inconsistent and preferential treatment.

Again, I apologize for the fact that TNHA cannot provide immediate assistance, and encourage you to complete and submit a housing application if you are not currently on any of the TNHA waitlist’s.


Daryl V Kooley
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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