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Housing Authority (TNHA)


Tagiugmiullu Nunamiullu Housing Authority
Recruitment Announcement

Range 114 ($130,000. +DOE)

This defined benefit package, including Alaska PERS, is highly competitive.

The Tagiugmiullu Nunamiullu Housing Authority (TNHA) is a vibrant Tribally Designated
Housing Entity (TDHE) organized in 1974 under Alaska statute as a Not for Profit Public
Corporation and Alaska Regional Housing Authority to meet the low income housing needs
of the Arctic Slope region. Currently, TNHA serves low income residents through the
development, administration, and management of safe, clean, affordable and sustainable
housing. Cumulatively, TNHA has developed 620 Indian housing units, including 409
single-family homes. TNHA also manages 120 single and multifamily market-based rental
housing units located in villages throughout the North Slope Borough.

Reporting to a five member Board of Commissioners, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of
TNHA is responsible for carrying out Board policies while implementing TNHA vision and
mission. The CEO grows the capabilities of TNHA ensuring effective management. The
CEO of TNHA is very much “hands-on,” requiring the immediate knowledge, experience,
and ability to perform (not only delegate) essential functions (i.e. grant writing,
environmental review and assessment). The CEO provides leadership and guidance, and
emulates the highest ethical standards to employees.

The ideal candidate must have the demonstrated ability to individually, and through
collaboration, identify new and innovative ideas, and implement those ideas through the
employment of a participative management style. The ideal candidate will have previously
demonstrated, executive-level, experience leading a nonprofit organization and working
closely with a Board of Commissioners. The ideal candidate must also demonstrate
documented experience providing oversight and direction to non-profit senior leadership
and subordinate staff. Leadership experience in design and development of innovative
sustainable housing, construction management, and property management is desirable.


     Board Administration and Support
         Supports operations and administration of Board of Commissioners: by advising
         and informing Board members, by interfacing between staff and the Board, and by
         supporting the Board’s evaluation of the chief executive
     Program, Product, and Service Delivery
         Oversees the design, marketing, promotion, delivery, and quality of programs,
         products, and services
     Financial, Tax, Risk, and Facilities Management
         Recommends yearly budget for Board approval and prudently manages
         organization’s assets within those budget guidelines according to current laws and regulations
     Human Resource Management
         Effectively manages the human resources of the organization according to
         authorized personnel policies and procedures that fully conform to current laws and
     Community and Public Relations
         Assures the organization and its mission, programs, products, and services are
         consistently presented in strong, positive image to the relevant communities,
         stakeholders, and customers
         Writes grants, oversees and conducts fundraising planning and implementation,
         (including identifying resource requirements), researches funding sources,
         establishes strategies to approach funders, submits proposals, and administers
         fundraising records and documentation


        Experience leading a similarly sized organization in the public or non-profit sector
        Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field or a minimum of 5 years relevant work
        experience in the management of a public or private entity engaged in engineering,
        housing, construction, lending, social services or a related field
        Knowledge of resources and entities involved in housing assistance programs,
        housing finance, and community development; familiarity with ethical and
        regulatory requirements applicable to publicly funded housing entities
        Willing and able to travel, often in small planes, within the North Slope Borough,
        State of Alaska, and outside
    Background Check
        Ability to comply with background check requirements
    Tribal Experience
        Demonstrated experience and success in cultivating a strong relationship with tribal
        governments, constituents, and regulatory agencies
        Demonstrated competencies building financial budgets, forecasting revenues,
        expanding revenue through fund raising, and implementing approved plans
    Board of Directors/Commissioners
        Proven experience in effectively working with a Board of Directors/Commissioners
    Problem Solving
        Demonstrated ability to identify and solve problems, working within the
        management team to select and implement optimum solutions
        Demonstrate a high level of energy and urgency to maintain and grow the organization
        beyond its current level
    Human Resources
        Possess exceptional people skills, leading, managing, motivating and directing the
        human resources within the organization
        Demonstrated ability to select the best products and service delivery system for
        the organization
        Drive the use of technology to maximize visibility and build strong relationships
        within our communities
    Relationship Building
        Possess skill in building diverse relationships and partnerships that sustain the

  • Alaska Native/American Indian(member of a federally-recognized tribe).
  • Knowledge of NAHASDA (Native American Housing and Self-Determination Act)
  • Training/Certification and Practical Experience in conducting 24 CFR Part 50 or Part 58 Environmental Review/Assessment
  • Five years’ work experience with a Public and/or Indian Housing Authority
  • Masters’ degree in a relevant field, or ten years of relevant work experience in the management of a public or private entity engaged in housing, construction, lending, social services or related fields
  • Knowledge and positive executive management experience in rural Alaska
Interested candidates may apply for this position by submitting an electronic
application or hard copy application consisting of a cover letter describing why you are
the ideal candidate, starting salary expectation, and a current resume, suitably
designed to identify the essential experience and competencies outlined in the
recruitment announcement. The cover letter and resume must be sent to:
        CEO Search Committee
        Tagiugmiullu Nunamiullu Housing Authority
        P.O. Box 409 Barrow, Alaska 99723
        Email: ceo.search@tnha.net

The Search Committee will assess all applications and select a pool of ideal
candidates to invite to the selection process. Candidates may visit our website at:
www.tnha.info to gain information about TNHA programs, projects and activities.

Employment decisions at TNHA are subject to Section 7(b) of the Indian Self-
Determination and Education Assistance Act (25 U.S.C. 450e (b). Section 7(b) requires
that, in connection with the administration of federal contracts for the benefit of Alaska
Natives/Indians, to the maximum extent feasible, preferences and opportunities for
training and employment will be granted to Alaska Native/Indian employees or

NOTE: Recruitment closes on January 31, 2018.  No applications will be accepted past this date.

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