Tagiugmiullu Nunamiullu
Housing Authority (TNHA)

TNHA 2014-2015 Indian Housing Plan Goals
  • TNHwill DeveloTNHIndiaHousing Plan(IHP) and strategic plans thawill result in more resources being targeted tlocal investment, and the creatioof housing programand services that better support lowand moderate-incomfamilies.
  • TNHwill develop strategies thaaddress regionaand local housing need in partnership with local and regionaorganizationsgroups, individuals, policymakers.
  • TNHand regional partners will explore new wayof working together thaattract the resources so essential in addressing locaand regional housing need.
  • On a regional basisTNHwill consult with tribaorganizations awell as regionastatand federal entities in order tfacilitatthe development of comprehensive planning and sharing of resourceswhich will assure more efficient utilizatioof available resourcewith respecto health carewatersewertransportation, economic development, educatioand trainingand shelter.
  • TNHwill complete essentiarenovatioof 1937 Act Current Assisted Stock homes iorder to protecand maintain the viability of housing throughout the region. In consideratioof  funding  limitations TNHwillprioritize fivkey areas: foundationsweatherization /environmental, electrical, heating and plumbing needs.
  • The TagiugmiullNunamiullu Housing Authoritwill continue to deliver quality housing services, to include thosactivities prescribed by NAHASDA or subject contract between the Secretary and the Indian Housing Authority pursuant tthe United States Housing Act o1937 broad headinof Maintenance and Operations Emergency and non-routine maintenance oMutuaHelp and NAHASDA homes is provided tthe homebuyeras a courtesyThe cosof such maintenance is borne by the homebuyer
  • TNHwill provide preventive, routine, and non-routine maintenancof TNHA low rent stock.
  • TNHwill actively utilize leveraged fundinopportunities through partnerships with tribalorganizationsfederaand statagencies and private entities (Title VI, Sectio18Loan Guarantees, etc.)Iadditiotthe aggressive pursuit of statand federally subsidized housing dollars TNHA will access opportunities ithe privatsectoand through non-profit foundations.
  • Tagiugmiullu NunamiullHousing Authoritwill explore and develop new affordable housing opportunities througthe constructioosingle-family unitsmultifamily rental housing, and the development oancillary service, including the development otraditional utility service, alternative energy resourcesand such other traditionaand innovative infrastructure amay be necessary and allowable under NAHASDA.
  • The TagiugmiullNunamiullu Housing Authoritmaconduct substantiarehabilitatiootribal owner-occupied units, in more thaone discipline tmeet lifehealth and safety needs aavailable funding permits.
  • The TagiugmiullNunamiullu Housing Authoritwill explore and develop programand activities which promotself-sufficiency of income eligibltenants, homeowners and homebuyers.
  • The TagiugmiullNunamiullu Housing Authoritwill assure thathe maximunumber of homebuyerand tenants understand and fulfill their obligations (timely paymentmaintain homeanapartments in a safand sanitary mannerbudget properlythrougthe implementation otimely and consistent counseling and education.
  • The TagiugmiullNunamiullu Housing Authoritwill assure that information regarding the full spectruof low income loaand grant programs is made available tthe residents oour North Slope communities
  • The TagiugmiullNunamiullu Housing Authoritwill assure that Periodic, Move-in, Move-Out and SpeciaInspections are conducted, as prescribed by TNHA policy
  • The TagiugmiullNunamiullu Housing Authoritwill establistenant-based rentaassistance programfoElder Housing residents ifour villages, consistent with demonstrated need, approved plansand available funding.
  • TNHHousing ManagemenOccupancy Stafwill ensure thaapplications for housing are processed in a timely manner, waitlists maintained, and thatenant selection is consistent with established policy.
  • TNHA in conjunctiowith Ilisagvik College Workforce Development, will promottraining opportunities in order to expand locacapacitand promotmaximunative hire.
  • TNHwill provide fire prevention educatioto homebuyerand youth throughout the North Slope region. TNHwill develop staff capacitthrough continuing education in the areaof financial managementadmissions and occupancy, environmentarevieand assessment, planning, developmentand construction.
For a copy of the 2014-2015 IHP Objectives Click Here

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